About Us

Unicare Biomedical, Inc.'s mission is to provide scientifically sound and high quality medical products for the healthcare community. The Company focuses on the development and supply of wound care and tissue regeneration products for dental and orthopedic applications. These products facilitate bone regeneration and the management of bleeding as a result of surgical operations or traumatic injuries.


Unicare Biomedical became incorporated and entered the growing field of implant dentistry.
Sets out manufacture of the first FDA cleared bone grafting material, Unigraft®, for use in the reconstruction of extraction sites and alveolar ridge reconstruction.
Introduction of Cytoflex® Tef-Guard®, the novel micro-porous ePTFE barrier membrane for use in guided tissue regeneration procedures. The non-resorbable micro-porous barrier was specifically designed to improve flap attachment while preventing new tissue and bacteria penetration.
Cytoflex® Mesh, the golden precision titanium mesh, receives clearance by the FDA for the fixation of bone grafting material. The mesh is less intrusive, easy to trim, and shapes easily into three-dimensional contours for the containment of bone graft material.
BenaCel®, a resorbable hemostatic wound dressing is approved for the management of bleeding wounds. Its exceptional hemostatic ability makes it perfect for addressing surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.
Further FDA clearance of BenaCel® dental dressing in the management of alveolar osteitis (dry socket) in extraction sites, and for the management of oral surgical wounds, proving the broad applications of BenaCel® hemostatic wound care products.
Introduction of Cytoflex® Resorb, a micro-porous, synthetic resorbable membrane for guided tissue regeneration applications. The poly(lactide-co-glycolide) resorbable barrier gradually dissolves over a 90 day period and does not require a second retrieval procedure.
Textured Cytoflex® Tefguard®, a textured version of our initial non-resorbable micro-porous barrier, is introduced for GTR/GBR applications. The patent pending textured barrier provides micro and macro texture on both surfaces to enhance flap attachment.
Cytoflex® Titanium Mesh is improved upon by increasing the firmness of the material and adding a reinforced edge, while still providing optimal flexibility when shaping for intricate contours. The new M4 model mesh contains pure titanium and a distinct golden color for a more aesthetic compatibility with a patient's gingiva.
Introduction of Ti-Enforced™, a Titanium-reinforced, multi-layer, ePTFE membrane, designed for more secure graft containment during wound healing as well as to provide a favorable environment for bone regeneration to the desired contour. The bacteria blocking, Ti-Enforced™ ePTFE membrane has a thin and easily conformable profile facilitating bone regeneration for the most demanding conditions.

At Unicare Biomedical bringing the best quality products to the medical community motivates us to continually innovate from within and stay relevant with the healthcare industry. We promise to work with our strategic partners as well to make sure that quality also comes with affordability and a responsibility to our patrons and the care of their patients.