cytoflex mesh Cytoflex® Mesh is made of a pure, implantable Titanium mesh with precision mesh profile. This product is designed for use to ensure three-dimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and to facilitate bone augmentation through adequate fixation of the augmentation material. The thin, supple mesh conforms easily to tissue contours, and yet presents sufficient stiffness to maintain a space over the bony defect.


Cytoflex® Mesh is available in single quantities. They are provided double pouched and sterile.

C02-4101 C02-4201 C02-4301 C02-4401 C02-4501
M4-100 M4-200 M4-300 M4-400 M4-500
12mm x 25mm

12mm x 25mm

20mm x 25mm

25mm x 30mm

30mm x 40mm

Cytoflex Mesh® Product Flyer (PDF File)

Cytoflex Mesh® Clinical Studies


  1. What are the advantages of Cytoflex Mesh?

    Cytoflex Mesh was designed for ease of use to securely contain the bone graft material in a 3-dimensional curve. It can be easily trimmed with surgical scissors, draped over the defect contours and prevent spontaneous collapse after primary closure.

  2. Will Cytoflex Mesh tear during screw fixation?

    Cytoflex Mesh is made with pure titanium with a precision mesh profile. It is made with sufficient strength to prevent tear during a normal screw fixation procedure.

  3. What bone screw sizes are suitable for Cytoflex Mesh?

    The most common size screw used with Cytoflex Titanium Mesh is the 4mm size. Really any size from 3mm íV 5mm screws will be suitable depending on the clinical situation (i.e. thickness of bone and where the mesh is placed) but the 4mm size is more commonly used.

  4. What makes the Cytoflex Mesh a golden color?

    All Cytoflex Titanium Mesh goes through an anodizing process to strengthen the metal and leaves it with a golden hue.

  5. Can M4-300 model be fixated with an abutment screw?

    The M4-300 model was designed for fixation with an abutment screw. The fixation hole has a diameter of 2.5mm, suitable for fixation with most abutment screws.