CURAGEN® Bovine Collagen Wound Dressing

Curagen CURAGEN« is a porous and absorbent collagen wound dressing. It is designed for use in tooth extraction sites and oral surgeries to stop bleeding and reduce post operative pain. Curagen« wound dressing is made of non-crosslinked bovine Achilles tendon collagen and avail-able in various sizes and configurations.

Product availability

Catalog ID Description Package Contents
SA001020 Curagen Collagen Plug 10 x 20mm plug, 10 pcs/box
SA001520 Curagen Collagen Plug 15 x 20mm plug, 10 pcs/box
SA204030 Curagen Collagen Sheet 20 x 40 x 3mm sheet, 1 pc/box

Product Benefits

  • Lessen post-surgical pain & duration
  • Higher bone mineralization density
  • Large collagen pore structure
  • 4-week long resorption duration
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Curagen® Product Flyer (PDF File)

Curagen® Clinical Studies